What do I need to bring with me?

Well, let’s skip over the obvious things. You get that you need to bring clothing, deodorant, medications etc, right? Okay good! So what’s specific to Castlerigg?

-Sleeping Bag or Duvet Cover

-Bring a towel (we don’t provide these)

-Bring toiletries (ditto)

-Bring some money for the shop

-Bring walking boots and a waterproof jacket if you have them (but don’t worry if not!)

NOTE TO TRIP ORGANISERS: Full Bedding is provided for group staff (in the case of Castlerigg-led retreats). Everyone else is given a sheet, pillow and pillow case and will need to provide their own sleeping bag or duvet cover (for which, we can provide a duvet). We are able to provide up to five sets of full bedding for those young people who aren’t able to bring a sleeping bag or duvet cover, but any additional full sets are charged at £7.50 per set.