Ellie is from Manchester and is in her second year at Castlerigg. She has a degree in Psychology and criminology and wants to be a teacher after she’s done with us

Joe is a Lancaster University Physics graduate, originally from West Sussex. He is in his first year at Castlerigg.

Megan is in her first year and is joining us part way through a music degree. She is from North yorkshire.

Mel is from Fleetwood and comes to us straight from college. She is in her first year at Castlerigg and is sticking around for another year next year.

Beth is in her second year at Castlerigg and came to us from Liverpool Hope University, where she will shortly be returning to do a Masters Degree.

Rachel is in her first year and is a nurse in her spare time. She’s also a geordie.

Rachel is in her second year at Castlerigg and has a degree in psychology. She is going back to university soon to study for a Masters Degree.

Alex is one of our Retreat Leaders. He is in his third year at Castlerigg and comes from Essex.

Trish is our longest-serving team member at Castlerigg, having joined us in 2007. She is a Retreat Leader and she is from Fleetwood.

Jack (left) is our Director and Paddie (right) is the Deputy Director