Open Retreats // Come Back… Go Deeper!

// Dec 8-10 2023
(Bookings Open in September)

// Mar 28-31 2024

// July 5-7 2024

Open Retreats are open to anybody aged 11-25, with separate streams for different age groups.

They offer a chance to come to Castlerigg by yourself or with friends and they’re open to people who have been before as well as people who haven’t.

Each retreat costs £65 (or £85 for the Easter Retreat) but we don’t want cost to be an obstacle. If you want to come but can’t afford it, get in touch with us!

All of our open retreats are run in streams so that you spend most of your time with people your own age…

OVERFLOW // For anyone in Year 10 and up

RISE // For anyone in Year 7 to 9


Who can come to open retreats?

Open retreats are open to anybody who is at least in Year 7, with an upper age limit of 25. They are not restricted to people who live in Lancaster Diocese, nor to people who have been to Castlerigg before.

Is there a cost for open retreats?

Yes. Two night retreats (Advent and Summer) cost £65, while the Easter Retreat costs £85. HOWEVER… we don’t want people to miss out because they can’t afford it, so if you want to come but can’t pay, just let us know and we will only ask you to pay as much as you feel you can afford – which can be nothing at all.

How do young people get to Castlerigg?

Participants are responsible for getting themselves to and from Castlerigg Manor. The nearest train station is Penrith. It may be possible for the Castlerigg team to pick people up from there but please check with us beforehand.

What do participants need to bring?

Other than the usual stuff for staying away from home, participants should bring towels and toiletries, spending money, and a change of clothes in case we go walking. Bedding is provided.

Who takes responsibility for young people at open retreats?

Young people who are under 18 are the responsibility of the Castlerigg staff during the retreat. The Castlerigg staff is made up of adults who are trained in safeguarding and experienced in working with young people. There will be a designated male and female point of contact designated throughout the retreat. If parents have any questions about the arrangements in place for their children, they are welcome to get in touch?

When do retreats start and finish?

Check the details for your specific retreat HOWEVER arrivals are usually around 5pm on the first day and departures are usually after lunch on the final day.

What about dietary needs?

We have a set menu and we’re not able to cater for food preferences, but we can, of course, provide alternatives in the case of food allergies, intolerances, or ethical choices. So if you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, or require kosher food, for instance, just let us know when you sign up.

Got any other questions..?

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