It costs about FIVE GRAND a year to support one of our volunteers and many times more for one of our paid leaders.

You can help us in this important work by giving just £10 a month to support a member of the team.

Sponsor a Youth Minister

Just £10 a month

Get regular updates from the person you’re supporting

Come together every year for our annual Mass

Download the form below to sign up


Sponsors are allocated to team members as they apply, but do not pick their team members as such.

When sponsors sign up we will assume they want to continue sponsoring indefinitely until they instruct us otherwise or cancel their payments.

When team members leave, their sponsors will be allocated to another team member.

For safeguarding reasons, sponsors will not be given direct contact details for the people they are sponsoring.

Castlerigg Manor is a residential youth centre owned and operated by the Diocese of Lancaster, Registered Charity No. 234331

If you have any questions, please contact Jack Regan, Director of Youth Services –